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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 28, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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areas gee known sequencing. arc innovator etf -- [closing bell rings] kristina: the bell is ringing. i have to stop you. this week today has been a crazy market that will do it for "countdown." susan li, blake burman break it down for after the bell. susan: turbulent week, a 400 point swing today, not the 50 we saw yesterday. the dow closing down just around 77 points. we were down as much as 150 points earlier on in the session. s&p 500, nasdaq both fighting for gains during the final moments of trade. i'm susan li in for melissa francis. blake: hello, happy friday. as she said i'm blake burman in for connell mcshane and this is "after the bell." we have got you covered from washington to wall street. only one more day of market trading for the year. that's it. as we enter as well day seven of the partial government shutdown.
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gerri willis is watching these volatile markets from the new york stock exchange. phil flynn covering oil from the cme. and hillary vaughn is standing by at the white house as the budget battle continues there. first let's head on over to gerri. hi, gerri. >> let me tell you what a week a lot of long faces around here. people are tired. it has been so volatile. 850 point intraday move on the dow yesterday. it has tuckered out traders. many of them going on vacation. what you're see something low volume here as some of the guests are saying. the dow closing down6 points. we thought it might end positive for third day in a row -- 76 points. s&p 500 down but marginally so. the nasdaq pretty much flat-lined as well. the markets for this year down for the week, higher, they would like to see more of that down here as well. market this is year with only one day left of trading, all three major averages negative for the year.
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as i said, as you're seeing right here. dow winners this week, big consumer stocks. home depot, walmart, visa. as you know 2/3 of economic spending in this economy is consumers and they continue to do well. a mix on these stocks right here. i have to tell you it has been one of those days where there has not been a lot of news but a lot of movement in stocks. i think people down here often assign it to the machines, to algos and electronic trading. you guys have a good weekend. susan: gerri, have a good weekend. we have gary b. smith and veronica daguerre from "the wall street journal." she has a good podcast. gary, first the gains in december, people have been asking me, is this consolidation, and does it hold? >> you know, that's a great question. my gut feel is it doesn't because you rarely go straight down like we did for most of
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december, then spring right back up. best guess, we test the lows that we made, what was it, wednesday, i think. maybe, wednesday, about 10:00 or so i guess. i think we got to go down and test it. it seems to be too easy to go straight back up. but you know, here's the bottom line, susan, if you're a long-term investor, really who cares. you shouldn't be able to try to time it anyway. if i said we haven't put in the bottom and i said sell on monday, i will be darned if i would know where to get back in. so most investors, almost all investors just need to ignore it but i do think there will be better times to buy if you're of that ilk. susan: okay. veronica, they say v-shaped recoveries are pretty rare. are we in for one? >> possibly. the fundamentals in the u.s. economy are still very strong. the job numbers look good. people's incomes are generally higher and the consumer is
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spending still. as long as that consumer holds up, as long as the consumer keeps spending, still feeling good, as long as they keep spending, businesses keep spending, we have good times ahead still. susan: stay with you, guys. blake: now to phil. oil flat for the week. down nearly 25% this year. phil flynn live at the cme. phil? >> i'll tell you, blake, it was another day where the oil market actually turned higher in optimism about what is going on with the stock market. as soon as the stock market stops getting pounded, all of sudden oil looks like a much better buy. we saw a lot of energy stocks come back as well. i don't want to say all the risk aversion is gone today. if you look, for example, the bond yields, going back down to session lows right now. the gold prices were lower a little bit earlier are back up. there is still a little concern going not weekend what may happen that will impact oil next week. next week there will be a lot of things happening with oil we
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have to really keep an eye on. we'll watch of course, word out of opec. next week of course, is the week, new year's day, is when the opec production cuts will go into play. we'll watch the oil flows out of those opec countries to see how well they will be complying with those cuts. the other thing of course, you will have going into the next week, is the new year, a new sense of optimism. when you look at that, put it all together it will be explosive week. whether the other key natural gas price is under a lot of pressure. we were supposed to get winter. winter is not coming. at least not yet. blake: warm here in new york city. susan: no "game of thrones." no deal on the table with the partial government shutdown expected to go into next week, into next year. hillary vaughn standing by at the live white house with the very latest. reporter: susan, acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney, saying the president put an offer on table saturday,
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democrats went home instead, including some going home for the holidays. house minority leader nancy pelosi is spotted in hawaii yesterday and today. the white house says the president canceled his own christmas and new year's holiday. instead he is here to work. >> we can't understand is, the folks from heavily democrat areas, around this area, are home, not talking to him. we made a offer last saturday night. they told us they would get back to us by end of the week. they got back to us last night. we're leaving. no more discussions. re do expect this to go on for a while. reporter: house minority leader deputy chief of staff said they put three offers on the table. giving white house three different offers to get out of the shutdown and they didn't take it. white house is still waiting for democrats to get the a countier offer, dropping offer from five billion dollars from the original amount the president is raising stakes higher,
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threatening to call off to existing trade agreements with mexico, going back to prenafta trading relationship. we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us money to finish the wall and change the ridiculous immigration laws that our country is saddled with. hard to believe there was a congress and president who would approve. at this point day seven of the shutdown. seems both democrats, republicans, white house are still digging in, nowhere near an agreement or to a compromise on this susan. susan: i hillary, have a great weekend. blake: let's bring gary and veronica back. what do you get the feeling of this vibe because this could last for some time? >> i'm not sure they ever do, blake, be honest with you, i'm cynical. i like this essential personnel government. i walked out today of the sun was shining. my trash got picked up. my daughter was able to fly
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home. tsa was on the job. blake: but there are still 800,000 federal employees though who want to make sure they have a paycheck? >> i grant that and i'm not trying to say that no one is affected but your question was is the market going to feel it? today, as you said we're in day seven. the market hardly budged. i'm not sure it will really make a difference to the average person out there. the average citizen certainly not to the average investor. blake: veronica, your thoughts? >> probably not a huge dent on the economy. it makes things murkier for investors. we're dealing with uncertainty and and china and higher interest rates this is uncertainty in the mix for investors. investors don't like the uncertainty. we'll see what happens with the resolution in terms of timing. another big thing on the horizon is march, when the debt ceiling is up again. and if we get brinksmanship and
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market moving impact on the economy. blake: march 11th -- january 11th, when 800,000 workers might not see a paycheck. that is when this could move in washington, d.c. gary, veronica. we'll see you later in the hour. stay there. susan? >> sears roebuck when i was going up was a big deal. very sad what happened, very, very sad. when you look at that whole filing they did last night to me is very sad. somebody that is of my generation, sears roebuck was a big deal. very sad to see. susan: it is see sad iconic brand, end of era with sears closing its doors for the last time, failing to find any bidders for a 4:00 p.m. eastern deadline today. jeff flock live on the ground at sears location. people are crying over an american brand, iconic brand, they have known so well for over
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100 years. >> certainly susan. that is the way it appears right now. i'm trying to keep up the date here. we have not gotten word there has been a bidder. there could have been something we haven't heard about yet. but you're right, we're past the deadline, nine minutes past the deadline. this was the deadline for somebody to come in and rescue sears. the only person who was talking about that, was eddie lampert. by the way we are outside after already closed sears store in the chicago suburbs. this is already one of hundreds already on the chopping block. they announced 80 more today. the eddie lampert only one said he would make a bid. he had $4.6 billion worth of financing he said or at least a plan for it. but, at this point, there is no indication that he has secured that financing. and if that is true, if no one else comes forward, we're talking liquidation. certain i all of sears has been liquidated. everything from lands end and
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about all of the brands sears spawned, the discover card, allstate insurance, dean witter, the company that became morgan stanley. huge numbers of spin-offs. huge almost of spin-offs i guess over the years. here is the other thing. if this goes to liquidation, the creditors would still be in a position, some of them talking about suing eddie lampert because they feel that perhaps when he did the deal to spin off 250 of sears choicest real estate properties back a few years ago to his real estate investment trust, that was not fiduciarily responsible. that could play out in the courts as we go. but for now, outside of this sears store, i give awe picture, they just slammed the doors shut again. we've been watching people take stuff out of the store, presumably with the okay of the folks from sears.
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everything from machines to displays, all of that sort of thing. that is what is happening here, at a sears store. already announced for closure. i have to got the lists of ones announced today. i put my glasses on everything from cleveland, pittsburgh, colorado springs, daytona beach, tallahassee, florida, tampa, florida. michigan. i could go on. 80 more today, sears and kmart stores. maybe by the end of business today, they will all be slated to be closed. susan. susan: jeff, thank you so much. jeff flock outside of a sears store. sears as i mentioned to you an iconic brand. remember they were the biggest company in the country at one point, close to being the biggest. they were housed in the tallest building in america. look at this in 2018. blake: pretty wild to see jeff flock standing outside after
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sears on christmas week, no activity. we'll have more on the wild stock market volatility with only one trading day left in the year, will it carry on to 2019? kristina: concerns growing, that the boost from president trumps's tax cuts might run out. who to discuss, then steve forbes, mr. flat tax. blake: you saw it there with jeff. it is getting cold in certain parts of country. there is snow tearing across. we'll have latest from the fox extreme weather center coming up, stay with us. ♪ i had a coach. math. ooh. so, why don't traders have coaches? who says they don't? coach mcadoo! you know, at td ameritrade, we offer free access to coaches and a full education curriculum- just to help you improve your skills. boom! mad skills. education to take your trading to the next level.
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♪ for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home ♪ susan: a wild roller coaster ride. that might be an understatement this week. the charts say you're looking at it is the amount of points each day the dow swung from high to low. we talked and detailed it for
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you. let's bring in steve forbes, forbes media chairman. some say you need a gut check and strap in for a wild wide you got this week. people are saying what do i do with my money, are my investments safe what do you say? >> i say don't give into your emotion. especially with retirement money. ride it through. don't make the mistake of taking everybody off the table. everyone says they're a long term investor until the market goes down. then they say is it too late to take the money out? what do i do next. don't open the mail. don't look at the quotes. watch you. leave it at that. susan: i like that. people ask me, will i make money in six months. that is hard to time the market. if i could i wouldn't be here. >> warren buffett hasn't done it right, he is a multibillionaire. you go with fundamental, ride it through. if you need cash on hand, have it anyway with the market good and bad. what you see in the market is uncertainty. economy is doing well.
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there is uncertainty about investing next year because of overhang of the trade war. who knows what battle the white house will have with the federal reserve. that kind of uncertainty hurts investment. that is why the market is so volatile. they don't know what the rules of the game will be. susan: rules of engagement. what happens to china. what happens to federal reserve and interest rates next year. government shutdown, gridlock set to take place in washington, d.c. so i guess, how are you playing your money? >> just, doing, more of the same. i'm at an age, sadly, i know i look hike i'm 21, where i have to take money out after 401(k) because i passed 70 1/2 barrier. why they came up with the 70 1/2, i have no idea. only washington could invent that. i put whatever i can into 401(k) or ira, whatever, i keep riding the thing. it sounds pollyannish, in this country the markets and country always come back. susan: warren buffett said, you make more money into index funds
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for 10 years then pick ups and downs of a wavering stock market. look at the concerns, maybe the juice we've gotten from president trump's tax cuts may be running out of steam, what do you think? >> no. the overhang on trade, federal reserve is what is holding back the market. perhaps the economy next year. but the thing about the tax cuts, they weren't just a one-shot. you got a one rebate check, that's it. these rebates are here for years to come. 21% corporate tax rate, slashed from 35. writing off most investments instantly, those are long-lasting. if we get rid of these uncertainties, by golly you will see a real big investment boom. as the president says, huge. susan: a long debay for that corporate tax cut that made the u.s. so uncompetitive compared to the rest of the world. >> exactly. susan: what is the biggest
4:20 pm
tailwind the markets see for 2019? >> the possibility of a trade war. even with the new nafta deal, we still have the steel and aluminum tariffs. will it clear congress? will that derail isn't if we get a deal with china. can you get it through congress, or derailed by congress, given the mood of congress right now? we've seen with the government shutdown, a dress rehearsal with big battles on regulation, trade dales, federal reserve that will come to come to congress next year. susan: quickly, will we be higher in six months than we are today? >> if i knew that -- susan: people are asking me. so i'm asking you. >> my grandfather said you make more money selling advice than following it. it may be higher. i will not bet anything on it. i will ride it. i'm too old to think i can time the market. susan: forever 21. steve, good to see you. >> you too, thanks. blake: susan. blake: knew to come, new faces
4:21 pm
on tesla's board following the sec. who is joining and what elon musk has to say about it. plus concerning results about a study on universal basic income, some of the same ideas that democrats are pushing for right here in the u.s. economist ben stein joins us on the fallout coming up. ♪ a new way to save on travel. now when you book a flight you unlock discounts on select hotels that you can use up until your trip starts. so whether you want to go out, stay in, or be in the middle of it all... add the perfect hotel when you're ready, and save. add on advantage. only with expedia.
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susan: oversight for elon musk. tesla adding oracle founder larry ellison to its board, part of its 20 million-dollar settlement with the sec over musk's tweets taking the company private, 420, funding secured. gary, veronica, this is not altruistic for ellison. second largest personal holding. what do you think of this move? is that a surprise? >> it noise the a surprise. he has skin in the game. larry ellison is a big
4:25 pm
shareholder. he is seasoned executive. he has a stake in the game. hopefully this will work to the company's, shareholder's advantage and not cloud his judgment. hopefully he will not make decisions in favor of the large shareholders, think of the little guys holding tesla's stock. overall seems to be a step in the right direction. the market liked the news today. also the addition of the hr executive too, was welcome news. tesla has had so much turnover on the middle ranks and also higher-up ranks of management. hopefully this executive kathleen will add some stability and that is also good for shares. susan: we call it adult supervision as well. gary, when larry ellison buys 3 million shares in tesla, is that a sign the electric carmaker is worth looking at? >> i think it is a sign he is good buddies with elon musk and you know, he thinks elon musk has a future. i'm a little skeptical, when you bring in one of your best buddy
4:26 pm
ies, and ellison said he is and have more oversight over elon musk? i think this is kind of sketchy. this is still musk's company. i'm not sure bringing in anyone that will not be firm with elon musk, i don't know how you can by the way. it is going to set the company in the right direction? susan: quickly, veronica, elon musk says i have 20% of the company. no one will tell me what to do? >> he is a very strong personality. that is benefit to tesla, but also a big risk to shareholders because if elon ever goes away, how will you get more funding for this company? how are you going to innovate? so much is built around him and his personality, i think shareholders really want to mitigate that risk, see what they can do to further diversify the board and management team. susan: they say tesla is elon. veronica, gary, thank you very much. blake: tonight is the good night to feel lucky, megamillions is
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climbing to $370 million for tonight's drawing after no one won on christmas. this is the fifth largest jackpot. you have to be lucky, because the odds are one in 300 million. susan: i would take the lump sum. blake: lump sum. susan: i would show up for work the next day. blake: i would very much not. susan: find you in vegas somewhere. blake: yep. susan: we're in day seven of the partial government shut down with no end in sight. we latest where to go from here. the political blame game continues. how the battle over the budget could ultimately impact our economy and stock market. we're liver in d.c. with details coming next. coming next. blake: works step up to the stage here. feeling good about that? let's see- most of you say lower a1c. but only a few of you are thinking about your heart. fact is, even though it helps to manage a1c,
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♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help. visit now to donate. susan: the shutdown is entering its second week with no votes expected to reopen the government and is looking more and more likely that the shut down will continue into the new year. so what happens from here? let's bring in chad pergram, fox news senior capitol hill producer live in d.c. with all the details. chad? >> hi, there. well you know, we don't think there will be any end in site to this. a lot of people think this will run into the new year. what we're seeing right now from republicans is a concerted effort to elevate nancy pelosi, to try to make this about nancy pelosi. why? because she seizes the gavel to be speaker of the house next thursday. right now democrats are not in washington. republicans are not in washington and republicans are trying to blame democrats for this. nancy pelosi historically has
4:32 pm
been viewed as kind of toxic. so if republicans can execute this strategy and turn this on nancy pelosi, look, she is now in charge of the house. she owns some of this, they can put her, they can put the onus on here's the problem with that. at some point nancy pelosi will probably have to have some democrats, probably moderate democrats to vote for a bill that reopens the government and votes for some degree of border security or a wall. by the sail token republicans will have to bling at some point. the question is, does the president look like he is folding to nancy pelosi or does nancy pelosi look like she is folding to president trump? that is why some people think it might be better for republicans to deal now. but there is nobody in washington right now. i mean at all. i mean the capitol was abandoned. i walked over to the bureau a few minutes ago and i did not see a single lawmaker there. this will last well into january. remember the last big government shut down we had? it lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. we're a long way from that. once members of congress get in
4:33 pm
their offices and phones start to ring, email starts to roll in, that is when people say okay, this is real. let's see if we can put out the fires. susan: are there any back channel talks going on? >> there has been a little bit of chatter, and this is mostly coming from the senate side, there might be an effort down the road, okay, what can we deal on? is there something on immigration? is there something on daca? maybe give the president a little more on border security. we haven't seen anything concrete yet. those conversations seem to be happening between senators themselves, not with staff but i think that really doesn't mature until probably well after the first of the year. susan: do they want to speed this along since after the 1st of january, when you have a divided house of congress? >> that is why some people think it would be better for republicans to deal now while they still have control of the house. that is not happening. there was a message from the republican high command in the house, they didn't expect anymore votes the rest of the year. this will go at least into the
4:34 pm
second week ever january. we expect in some form that democrats will pass a bill to reopen the government in some form. whether that is doing interim spending bills, doing something for entire fiscal year. throwing in disaster relief. they will move to make a point on day one, here is an opportunity to reopen the government. they will try to direct pressure towards the senate. remember a bill passed the senate with bipartisan support. nobody objected. nobody voted no. that funded the government through the 8th of february without border wall funding. susan: chad, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. you too. blake: joining us david macintosh, the president for club for growth. hi, david. >> great to be with you, blake. blake: great to be with you. chad hit it on the head. we were talking about it on neil kos to coast. this is the problem, republicans trying to plame nancy pelosi. the problem for republicans said he would carry the man tell for the government shutdown so what gives? >> the key here, really the president versus the establishment, republicans and
4:35 pm
democrats. trump is playing the long game. he knows the wall is key for his success at his presidency. we don't take a position on that for the club for growth but politically he views that as key. he knows a shutdown really isn't affecting most americans. it hurts people in the washington, d.c., area, but not most of america where trump is, does well. so i think you're going to see a stalemate for a while. the democrats don't want to give him credit for anything and he is not going to let them scare him into going into a bad deal. blake: the longer this goes though, the greater chances are this could stumble into the market. keep in mind there are some 800,000 federal employees who might not get a paycheck on january 11th, 800,000 people. do you think that could be the marker when this really escalates, january 11, friday? >> i think you see a lot more pressure there, but pressure on the democrat constituencies. most of the districts they won are suburban areas.
4:36 pm
they sent them to washington to restore business as usual. well if they keep the government shut down because they can't agree with the president, and i do think he can effectively point that out, then they're going to lose some of the momentum they had coming after this election. so there is a lot of risk on their side. i think you picked a good inflection point. again, trump is always signaled, hey, i can walk away from a bad deal. so it may not even happen then. blake: david, if there is a deal that is eventually struck and something will eventually happen, of course, the question is just when. if you step back and hit the pause button for a second, look at the greater picture. is the bigger question in the greater picture, is this what we'll see for the next two years? >> i think we're going to see that type of stalemate. the other part of this bill, it is a terrible bill on the spending side. nobody is paying attention to that, because the wall funding is separating point. but both republicans and democrats spent way too much in
4:37 pm
all of their budget bills. that is likely to continue. but then we'll see a breakdown on everything else. it will be partisan bickering. blake: go on. >> by the way i think it is very dangerous for the democrats to continue to do the investigations and even talking about impeachment. once again they were sent to restore regular order, business as usual in washington, and if they immediately turn around say we'll disrupt the whole thing and i am peeve -- impeach the president, some of their core base, hard leftists will be happy. the middle voter switched from trump to democrats, they will not like that either. blake: you know, david as well as i do, subpoenas are going to be coming and soon. david macintosh, club for growth. appreciate it. >> good to be with you. susan: free money failures. democrats keep pushing government handouts and programs like universal basic income but a new study revealing experiments around the world are facing some major issues. economist ben stein responds
4:38 pm
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susan: ubi, oh, my. 2018 was supposed to be a banner year in experiments in universal basic incomes. instead high-profile attempts with the public and private sector have been delayed or even shut down. a project in ontario was supposed to last for years. it is wrapping up at the end of this year, 2018, instead. a basic income trial in finland touted by ubi proponents will not be extended. an effort by seed accelerator is having more delays. the expected start is pushed back to next year at some point. ben stein has more on universal basic income. happy friday. >> nice to see you. happy friday to you, too. susan: silicon valley titans touted universal basic income,
4:42 pm
these examples by ontario, canada, doesn't work. >> it doesn't work because it is too damned expensive. we don't have enough money to guarranty a basic standard of living, unless the person will work for the basic standard of living. we can't print money and have it be their basic standard of living. we have to give people money if they work an strug -- struggle. you cannot expect everyone to be treated like a millionaire living off his dividend. that is just not the way the world works. >> also, what about, oh, i don't know, let's talk about, so ambition? that is being killed off as well by universal basic income and willingness to work? >> what we have, in the stein household, we have universal basic income, which is to say we have a son who refuses to work and so his fat oldfather, this fat old man you see standing
4:43 pm
before you supports his girlfriend, son, ex-wife. all that is supported by this fat old man. so he get as permanent basic income, but he has no ambition. he has no drive. nothing going for him. he is great kid. i love him to pieces. i would do mig for him. this is example how badly this experiment works. you cannot give people something for nothing. without income, sorry, their inputs of ambition, drive, persistence, work, suffering and, all of the things that go into making a living. you cannot expect them to do that. susan: ben, i guess people would say, why don't you just cut off the son and the rest of his family? >> well, because this fat old man you see before you with his yale law school necktie is married to a woman who he has married to 52 years, she would
4:44 pm
not hear of it. she would say you can't do this to your sweet little boy, 31 years old, never worked a full day in his life. would say you can't do that. i can't do that. i live bit motto, unhappy wife, unhappy life. so circumscribed what i can do to help my son. i love him to pieces. he is a little god, a little beautiful aryan god but he is a lays i evident kid in the world -- laziest kid in the world. susan: my mother would cut me off. >> she would be right. susan: she would be right. universal basic income, instead of giving everyone income, what about raising the minimum wage, how about that, hiking wages? >> i think that is fine with me, if they don't hike it to $100 an hour. if you hike it to the same amount, it is same as giving people universal basic income. it doesn't work anymore. you can't give people something
4:45 pm
for nothing expect to have no consequences. if you give people something for nothing, it will have negative consequences no matter how you slice it. we've tried and tried and tried, it doesn't work. they tried it all over europe. they tried it in asia. it just doesn't work. susan: ben, wish you a great weekend. happy new year, if we don't see you before then. >> happy new year to you and god bless america. susan: thank you. blake it is tough to cut off kids when you love them so much. you don't want to see them struggle, right? blake: i hope his son wasn't watching. susan: well, you know, from what i hear entire extended family that is living in the stein household. so that is interesting. very generous. blake: moving on. a shift in primaries. all eyes on iowa, new hampshire, but this 2020 election season, one state looking to begin playing a bigger role. we'll tell you where and why. ♪
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4:49 pm
blake: changing the game for 2020. california is moving up its primary date, possibly reconfiguring the roles iowa and new hampshire play, kicking off election season. will this new change impact the way america selects the party's presidential nominees, especially focus on democratic side this year? joining us lauren kathy, republican strategist, capri cafaro, former ohio minority state party leader. starting with you capri. what will be the big change here? california coming forward is a big deal. mo do the front of that state, but what do you think the end result will be? >> really depends. to put in a little bit of context, state legislatures do have the authorities and jurisdiction to move primary dates because they do have jurisdiction over elections. this is not unique.
4:50 pm
ohio tried to do it when i was in office, to benefit john kasich to move the ohio primary up, so this is nothing new. but the interesting thing in this cycle, as you mentioned, there is a big field on the democratic side, in the 2020 primary election or at least that is the way it looks. what may happen is, with california moving up, you say me more progressive candidate emerge, because it is such a large state, there will be so many delegates, you know, it could have impact, something like kamala harris, for example, from california could be thrust to the forefront. blake: i wonder then, lauren, this would be equivalent of texas, being moved to the forefront in a republican primary. could this be the result of a more progressive democratic candidate emerging from the field? >> i don't think necessarily. remember california is, pretty much the same as any other state or very representative of the democratic party as a whole.
4:51 pm
very diverse. 40 million people there, latinos, asians, americans, a big swath of large cut of different democrats, so, really what this means, in my mind is that it is going to, it is going to be very costly. it will really come down to fund-raising. because the main strategy for campaigning in california is through political ads. it is too large to actually put together a real field operation do any of the glad-handing. blake: because so many media markets in the state, like challenge of florida. >> 6 million just for one week. so you really will have to have a candidate that already has very high name i.d. or just a ton of money behind them and big donors they can outspend their opponents, not likely given number of candidates that will be out there so early. it comes down to who is playing in california, do they make a play for other states, and hope that tuesday carries them. blake: i'm glad you bring that
4:52 pm
up. i remember rudy giuliani had the florida strategy, put all his eggs in florida's basket, barely ever made in florida. capri, does that lead to the idea, iowa, new hampshire, nevada, on democratic side will still hold a lot of weight? >> sure. there is some traditional, with ohio, excuse me with iowa and new hampshire. they're always boeing to play, i think a very -- going to play a very important role. the democratic national committee changed policy surrounding issue of superdelegates, came to forefront in 2016, that bernie sanders supporters thought hillary clinton were rigging it with superdelegates. in the absence of super delegates, it is anybody's game. so many candidates in the field, people will not get 50 plus one. it will be a fractured delegate allocation. that also goes back to party policies as well on how delegates are actually allocated, if it's a
4:53 pm
winner-take-all for the whole state or if it is proportionate. that makes a difference as well. blake: lauren, last question for you. republicans were going through this, in 18, 19, 20, i forget the exact number of candidates. one of the story lines the republican party is farred. we're hearing there may be 20 or 30 democrats. let's flip it, could we see fracturing of the democratic party? >> i don't know if it's a fracturing, but sure it will be more diverse. harder to wrangle. they're doing the exact same things that the republicans during that primary season. we had so many different people. it becomes an endorsement game. whose supporters when they drop out roll into the next person. bernie sanders, for example, he is polling really well right now. it is early time. it probably won't stick. but what is important about that, he is going to have a huge amount of supporters he will give to somebody else in this primary. it will create an endorsement game very early on. blake: thank you to you both. the interesting part of this is
4:54 pm
the latest suffolk poll said democrats want someone new. who is someone new? there is not a first or last name there. we'll have to see. we'll leave it there. have a great weekend. >> thank you. susan: let's get to the weather. winter storms with blizzard-like conditions sweeping across the united states. we have a live report from our weather center right after this break. had to. kayla: do you know how hard it is to smoke in a hospital? by the time we could, we were like... what are we doing? kayla: it was time for nicodermcq. the nicodermcq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. and doubles your chances of quitting. nicodermcq. you know why, we know how.
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allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield℠ annuities from brighthouse financial, established by metlife.
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>> winter storms slamming the country, bringing record rainfall and flooding to the north and the southeast, plus more than a foot of snow to areas in the midwest. fox news' chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is live in the weather center, hopefully, with some better news. rick? >> reporter: i do have better news, it is going to get better this weekend. today's kind of the last of what has been about a three-day, really big storm. behind the storm, cold has settled in across the central part of the country. not horribly, horribly cold.
4:58 pm
a big warmup over the last 24 hours, 19 degrees warmer in new york city, 26 degrees cooler than you were in kansas city 24 hours ago. still some delays across the airports right around philadelphia and in towards new york. heaviest of the rain has been down on the southern side of this where we saw over 11 inches overnight in parts of louisiana, and much of the south has seen the wettest december you've ever had, and a lot of the south and the east has seen the wettest year ever. atlanta, after today, the second wettest year you've ever had, and that is likely going to get broken by the time we get through the end of this weekend. rain showily moving off towards -- slowly moving off towards the east. 10, 11:00 tonight, all of this will be gone. another storm across parts of the southwest, especially new mexico where we have a blizzard warning around the albuquerque area. future radar, you notice across the southeast continuing to see a very gloomy weekend saturday
4:59 pm
and sunday with scattered showers in and out of the area the entire time. air certainly much cooler coming in right now, -21 in farr go, don't worry, this doesn't invade across the south. it retreats by tomorrow, temps back in towards the upper 20s. susan? susan: i hope it stays there. >> reporter: i could not agree more. >> have a great weekend. it's going to be, it's 57 right now, 58 on new year's day here in new york city? the. -- >> that means you should stay. >> i thought you were going to say that means i win the mega millions. >> i'll see you in times square. probably the warmest new year's eve in a while, maybe historically. >> yeah. january, 50s. high 50s. >> are you sure you don't want to stay? look at that picture. >> there's by a million people in new york city right now, and by a million, i mean a million
5:00 pm
in times square. good to be here, that had a lot of fun. have me back here again, i'll come on up. >> always, always. >> susan, good to be with you. >> good to be with you. that does it for us, "bulls and bears" starts right now. ♪ ♪ david: an historic week for markets ending with more volatility in the final hours of trading. buckling up, everybody, thanks for joining us. i'm david asman if, joining me today, liz peek, johnathan hoenig, jack howe. in a week that gave us the worst christmas eve trading day ever followed by the biggest point game ever followed by the biggest rebound ever, it may be comforting to see the dow trading with just 400-point swings from high to low and not 800 today. gang, should we be happy that stocks were up for the week, or is it too early to pop the champagne? what do you think? >> you know,


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